Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Back (to Some Extent....)

When was the last time this was used! And can you name a time that I didn't use it to slam the Heat? I will most likley be posting a bit around here.....

I'm happy with the NBA Finals result I guess (no.....Boston!!!!!!) and LA losing was disappointing (rematch anyone?), but the Heat lost....and I'm happy with a great season.

On to the lockout!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heat Blow Another One!

Another day, another Heat loss.
This one was fun to watch. Not just in the sense of bad play by the Heat, but I really liked the way the Blazers played. Great rebounding, defense, a lot of effort. Great job. I don’t know whether the Heat will be able to pull it together at all this year. We’ll find out though.
Of course, after the game we heard the complaints. I really want to tell them just to shut up. Just shut up. Please stop blaming the media, please don’t twist what you have said when we heard it. Have you ever heard to THINK before you speak???
When watching the game, I was surprised to see Bosh drive to the rim. I immediately got on the phone and called my friend if he had seen it. Yes, he was surprised too. It is really sad for you as a player if you never drive to the rim, and you call someone when you do. He’s like Vince Carter in that respect. You call your friend when he tries.
Bosh, after the game and after he wiped his face, decided to comment on his lack of touches:
"It is common sense, we can talk about it, but I think it's evident," Bosh said. "I just have to get [the ball] where I'm effective. I'm a big man. I can shoot the ball but I'm a big man. So I have to get it where big guys get it. Then I feel I can start helping out this team more."

"I've got to get back in my comfort zone, I haven't been in my comfort zone," Bosh said. "A lot of things are new for me. I just have to be more aggressive in demanding [the ball in my] comfort zone, you know I'll take the fault for that... I'm effective down in the low post area, so that is where I need to start getting the ball. I need to be assertive in demanding it."

"I'm saying what I need to do as a player, a closed mouth doesn't get fed," Bosh said. "I'm uncomfortable now so you might as well do something else. If there's a disagreement or something, that's fine, we can talk about it. If they don't want that, that's OK, but I just feel that I have to be my normal self. I'm not there right now. I haven't been there many times this season."
Whoa there Chris. Since when have you been a post player? Yes you can shoot, that’s all you do! In the losing streak, he’s been getting about .5 less post touches a game than before the streak. POINT  5!!! (Thanks ESPN). Is that really much less? I don’t understand why he wants so many post touches. He isn’t really a good post player, no matter what he thinks.
James said this:
"How do we explain it? We can't. This isn't rock bottom for us. Crazy thing is, we could lose every game and still make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference."
You really think you could lose every game and still make the playoffs?  STUPID LEBRON COMMENT ALERT!!! Again, try to THINK before you speak. That comment makes NO SENCE UNLESS YOU READ IT WRONG OR SOMETHING!!!
Next game is against the Lakers. You say that they won last time. Remember that was when Jackson was complaining about Christmas holiday games? You think the Lakers were all there? No, they weren’t. Anyone in attendance, bring some spare tissues in case Bosh needs some!
(Time for the one game I root for LAL.)

LeBron James
Chris Bosh
Dwight Howard
Magic Johnson
Moses Malone
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Quotes on Crygate!

Kobe and Dwight decided to weigh into the Crygate controversy.

"I used to cry after all my basketball games," said Howard, "then one of my teammates said 'Look Dwight, you're in the NBA now, you're going to have 82 games a year plus the playoffs, so just get it back next game.' If they were crying it means they really care about winning. If you keep losing the same way every time you're gonna be hurt. I wouldn't be surprised if they were, but I can't believe they were crying. [The last time I cried was when] we lost in the Finals to the Lakers."
Kobe said:
"I mean it's . . . everybody truly responds differently. If guys are crying in the locker room, they're crying in the locker room. It doesn't mean they're chumps, doesn't mean they're soft, doesn't mean anything. That's just how they respond to it."
Well, Mr.Bryant, have you ever cried in the locker room?
"No. Uh, no."
Phil Jackson joins in on the fun!

“This is the NBA: No Boys Allowed,” Phil Jackson said. “Big boys don’t cry. But if you’re going to do it, do it in the toilet where no one sees you.”

Do you think this is the Heat being soft? Or is it Spoelstra leaking stuff that happens all the time but never gets out? Tell us by commenting!


So again I’m talking about the Heat. About the Heat crying in the locker room. I blame this whole fiasco on Spoelstra, he should not tell the media that. Even if it’s true. He thinks that saying that shows that they care but to some, it shows they cannot take a loss. Bosh would deny being one of the criers, though I seriously doubt he is telling the truth there. Of course the story has now grown more, with Erik Spoelstra pulling a LeBron and denying that they were crying. Nice job coach. You’ve now picked up some skills from Bron.
"I think [the media] can probably take anything I say and turn it into a story," said Spoelstra. "I was shocked when [PR man Tim Donovan] told me about it this morning that it's actually making the news. I think you guys can be a little more creative than that. I will say one thing, the guys care. Nobody was whimpering in the locker room. It's a classic case of sensationalism [by the media]."
He would joke and call it “crygate”. Then he would say that players had their heads down and were making noises. I think that could be called crying. He didn’t have to say crying. Then he didn’t have to lie to back out of it. I wonder if he read what Bosh said, about him not being one of the criers. So there WERE some people crying!!!
LeBron would say that he stands behind his coach later. But does he really? I bet if Spoelstra screws up again, he’ll be gone. But we’ll see.

Melo and Amare Laughing

Other players had some comments for the Heat. Carmelo and Amare were laughing at the Heat and their weepy eyes. And Ron Artest had this to say:
“In my psychology sessions, I sometimes cry with my therapist,” Artest said. “We cry and hug each other, hold each other and talk. I think it’s a good thing to cry and let your emotions out rather than keep it inside. I would have hugged [the Heat players] and got [them] some ice cream.”
Oook then…..
Stan Van Gundy had this to say, which I agree with:
“We all have [seen players cry], but it’s not something I would comment on and tell you who or when or anything else,” said Stan Van Gundy. “But yeah, I think we’ve all had that. Usually playoff-type situations… Probably the only time I’ve seen [crying] are in the games, that sort of end your year in the playoffs. But yeah, I’ve seen it….I don’t care whether a guy cries or not. I don’t see what difference it makes. But I don’t have to fill three hours of a sports talk show. Those guys need something to talk about. Mike and Mike in the morning, I don’t know, how long are they on? Three or four hours? I guess there aren’t enough games to just talk about the games, so you gotta figure out who was crying in the locker room. I’m just glad that’s not my job – trying to figure out who was crying.”
Van Gundy says the Heat are overreacting but so is the media. I guess I agree with the media overblowing it, but it could easily be avoided.
Moving on, other news includes Jared Jeffries being rumored as Knick starting center! I really like Jeffries, but I haven’t seen him play in a few years, which is not a good sign for him. We’ll see how it works out.
Chris Paul
Chris Paul is out with a concussion. I am really glad it is not more because I don’t want to be losing a player Maurice Stokes style. It’s been sad how Paul has decreased his skills since that knee injury. Who knows if he is really the best PG in the league now?
Well, thanks for reading. I’m gonna get hyped up for tonight’s Heat game!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Why the Heat Can't Beat The Best

I’m not a Heat fan. I said they would not win against good teams before the season. And I was right.
But why is it that the Heat can’t win against the best teams? My opinion is lack of chemistry, lack of coaching and lack of depth.
The depth is the biggest part. You can’t win when your best bench centers are Joel Anthony and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. You just can’t. Point guard is weak also. Bibby, I’m sorry, is just too old. I live in DC, and I was unimpressed by his play there. I know he’s mad or whatever, but that should not be your best bench point guard. Period.
And the Heat are screwed with their depth for the rest of the time the “SuperFriends” are in Miami. They are over the cap till 2016, providing the Big 3 don’t leave by then (they all have and ETO, or Early Termination Option, in 2015, and a player option in 2016) and that severely limits the team’s ability to get a good supporting cast. And with the labor talks, you don’t know if they would even be anywhere CLOSE to the cap. If the Heatles REALLY wanted to sacrifice by signing, they would have signed for 10 million less. Is that REALLY much of a sacrifice? Players make too much dough anyway now. Pat Riley and the Heat will keep a very close eye on the labor debates.
The chemistry issue may or may not affect the Heat. Did you really expect 2 superstars and a prima donna to fit together? No, I didn’t. And look where it has got the Heat. If a fan that hasn’t followed the season looked at the Heat record, they would say “Whoa, the Heat are GOOD!” But most wins come against poor teams. It is deceiving, and the Heat can’t point to that as an accomplishment, as that won’t hold up in the playoffs. They will make it past the first round, but will have trouble to get any farther. And I doubt they will advance any more. LeBron last year took a piece of crap and turned it into a playoff team. Their record as this point was BETTER than the Heat’s right now. Amazing.
I don’t think Spoelstra can handle the egos of LeBron, Bosh, and Wade. He most likely has players turning against him now after he announced some were crying. A coach doesn’t do that. The players won’t like that, Bosh will get a huge amount of questions, and LeBron will make some stupid comment. Look for Riley to come down in a few years…
You may now see I am not a Heat fan. The biggest thing that annoys me is the huge egos of the players. Bosh is very self-centered, he thinks he’s really good when he’s not. There is no reason to CRY after you lose. You just shouldn’t. He’s getting frustrated. He wants to be The Man. But I bet he knows that a team with him as The Man is not a good one. He thinks he can average a double-double. Not happening. You may argue he had one last year, but that was with Andrea Bargnani as the second best boarder at 6.2. LeBron is a much better boarder than Andrea, so it won’t be reached this season.
LeBron is a guy that I see that runs off his mouth too much. He has a feud with Daniel Gibson over the “King of Cleveland”. LeBron, you screwed over Cleveland, and made a huge mistake. If you are going to leave, go to the Bulls. I don’t care that he left, but he was better of in Cleveland. But you left, you abandoned your “King of Cleveland” title. Just shut up and play. Same with the karma crap. “It wasn’t to the Cavs, I didn’t write it.” It was a coincidence the Cavs had lost but 50-something, right? I really don’t care what you think about Cleveland. If you really cared, go back there. I don’t need to hear your outbursts that you will soon take back. Shut up and play.
That’s all I will say for now.
End rant.

Welcome to True NBA Fan Analysis

Hello, welcome to True NBA Fan. The goal of this blog (other than to give me something to do) is to analyze what is happening in the NBA, but also to give YOU something to do, instead of being bored. I’ll give a fresh view on the NBA that hopefully you will consider. I’ve watched NBA all my life (and I was born in the 90s). I really hope you enjoy this blog. More posts to come!